Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 7th Teaching

This is my first time teaching students of this age range, or doing any formal teaching for that matter.  I was not nervous about teaching which I thought was strange b/c I sometimes struggle with public speaking.  It seems that teaching in a classroom environment is a much different situation than trying to stand in front of a crowed and say a rehearsed speech.

I was not here for orientations on Monday so I had to jump right in with the teaching and had no time to coast into it.  The lesson plan was not at all a feasable thing and was written by someone who clearly has no experience with SketchUp.  I had to wing it from the beginning.

I began by showing the students how to draw planes in 2D then use the push pull tool to raise them into 3D.  We worked with using the orbit tool and the zoom in/out tool.  We went over that again and again all day.

It was not a bad day.

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