Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Research 3

This article discusses the challenges of teaching a course online as opposed to in a traditional classroom. A new challenge is presented to the instructor when he/she no longer has control over the learning environment. The article gives ten successful traditional classroom strategies and tells how they can be modified to also be successful in the online learning environment. A key strategy for adult learners is discussion, because it allows them to enhance their critical thinking skills and “explore their own experiences.” Projects are also a key strategy. They allow the students to apply what they learn in a way that interests them.

Research 2

This article discusses how the responsibilities of teachers extend further than just the subject material. Teaching requires a great deal of commitment and observational learning. The article says they must also be knowledgeable in the types of learning/teaching and how to use them to their advantage. Effective teachers not only teach their students but learn from them as well. They must know how to cater to each different learning style since students fall in different learning categories. Teachers have a very high impact on society; according to this article they are expected to “develop students’ cognitive capacity…and foster students’ self-esteem, motivation, civic responsibility, and their respect for individual, cultural, religious, and racial differences.”

Research 1

Dr. Stephen Pew says that using the incorrect learning style can be detrimental to learners by inhibiting motivation. He also discusses Abraham Maslow’s theory of needs, which says if students have their basic needs met, they will be motivated to also achieve their higher needs such as belongingness, self esteem, and self-actualization. I found it interesting when the author discussed the difference between high and low achievers. Low achievers tend to blame failure on a lack of good luck whereas high achievers associate failure to a lack of effort. I feel I have observed this trend in the people around me.
                The idea that culture can influence “buying” motivation was also discussed. Success is the ultimate goal for many people and a market has been created to cater to this desire. Pew believes that older people are more likely to  have a desire to learn on their own instead of from other people or programs.